To build a website in 2018 is an easy but time consuming task – if you’re not already a web developer.  All you need to do is:

  1. Know HTML and CSS
  2. Learn about responsive design and development
  3. Purchase a domain name & hosting plan from someone like Bluehost

That’s pretty much it.  It get’s more complex for more advanced websites with custom software and features, but that’s what you hire a web developer for!  Nowadays, the average person is using a website building platform to easily get their website up and running.  These sites are a bit limiting and you can’t do everything you want to do, but it’s quick and easy!

There are dozens of website builder platforms out there but here are the most popular.

As you can see, the most popular website builders a.k.a “Content Management Systems” are:

  1. WordPress (FREE) – 51%
  2. Wix (paid) – 7%
  3. Joomla (paid) – 4%
  4. Squarespace (paid) – 4%
  5. Weebly (paid) – 4%

Why do people prefer WordPress?

WordPress is amazing.  Well, for starters, i’m a wordpress developer! I build customWordpress themes and manage WordPress websites everyday.  70% of my web design business comes from WordPress!  People mainly use it because it’s free and open-source, which means it’s always being updated and improved by developers around the world.

WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) is extremely flexible and used by huge companies.  You can create massive online stores, small portfolio websites and much more!

But more importantly:

  • Learning to code a website from scratch can take 6+ months, let alone CSS and PHP. Having a basic knowledge of HTML can help you gauge things more quickly, but if you want to create a website within a day or two, learning HTML isn’t a viable option.
  • General website builders like Wix are expensive and often very limited. They are good for one-page websites, but not more.


How to build a website with wordpress

First, you need to purchase a hosting plan and a domain name from a web hosting company.  The customer service rep can get you all set up and walk you through their interface.   They will even install WordPress for you!  Most of these hosting companies do this for free.

Once installed, you can access theWordpress admin by typing in  You will obviously need to replace “” with your actual domain.  Once logged in, you should see aWordpress Dashboard, similar to below:

How to build a website - Ryan The Developer


Everyones WordPress Dashboard will look slightly different, but each WordPress Website has a:

  • Posts Section
  • Pages Section
  • Media Section
  • Plugin Section

WordPress Post

A WordPress “post” is, well, what you’re currently reading.  It’s essentially a blog post.  It’s a piece of content you add to your website, an article, a tutorial, etc.

WordPress Page

A WordPress Page is a newly created page in your website.  It’s an easy way for you to continue to add pages to your website without having to call a web developer for your every need.

WordPress Media Section

This is where you add all of your images and videos that you want to use in your posts and pages, as mentioned above.  Once you place images and videos in the media panel, you may use them anywhere you like in your wordpress website!

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are really the powerhouse behind this CMS.  They allow you to extend and add functionality to your current wordpress theme that wasn’t built into it by default.  Think of them as “apps” for your website.  They add functionality!  Similar to the iOS app store, there are millions of wordpress plugins available for download.

WordPress Themes

Just like apps and plugins, there are millions of WordPress themes you can choose from.  Some are free and others are not.  WordPress themes can cost from $20 – $60 dollars.  You can also hire a web developer, like me :), to build you a Custom WordPress Theme for you or your business.  Wordpres themes are very easy to install.  Simply go navigate to your WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes.  Here you can upload a .zip file of a theme and wordpress takes care of the rest!

Overall a CMS is going to be the fastest way for you to get a website up and running quickly and cheaply.  If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact me anytime and i’d love to learn about your project and see if I can provide some free help!

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