A web developer may be one of the most important hires you can make.  They are responsible for translating your vision into code which will represent your company on the internet.  Your website is your “Store Front” on the web and you want the best possible website possible.

Aside from being able to complete the job you are tasking them with, you want someone who fits your companies culture.  It’s very easy to hire a rockstar programmer but it’s quite difficult to find web developers who are expert programmers that also communicate well and are a delight to work with.

Below are some tips to make your next web developer you hire a permanent one!


Analyze the social skills of the developer

Experience is extremely important, but as stated above, you need to really get along with this person for a long period of time.  Ask about their interests, goals and their family life!  Are they married? Do they live in seclusion in the woods far away from people like a total weirdo?  These are some basic ways to see if this developer is a people person or not.  We generally want a people person.  Additionally, talking about non-business topics will let you know if they are just in it for the money or if they are willing to get to know you personally as their new client!


Ask about their development process

All web developers work differently in terms of their process and necessary requirements.  Some developers are very strict while others are more relaxed.  Any web developer worth his salt should be able to give you an immediate response to this question and not beat around the bush.  An indirect answer shows inexperience and is someone you generally shouldn’t work with.  A fortune 500 company generally works with developers with strict requirements because it shows a high level of experience and a no-nonsense attitude toward the project.  Start-ups typically enjoy working with a more relaxed developer because we all know start-ups aren’t as well established and may change their mind constantly in terms of project wants and needs.


Don’t quiz your potential web developer

You should always ask questions about their skill level and any other question you may have to ease your mind.  But do not quiz your developer.

  • Who created Javascript?
  • What is the runtime complexity of this algorithm?
  • What is the best compression algorithm?

All of this information is useful, but it really isn’t a good determination of a solid web developer.  This just shows someone who is good at memorizing things.  A good web developer is good at researching problems and finding sound and elegant solutions for them.


Discriminate based  age

I know how horrible that sounds.  But think about it, you can’t trust a 20 year old developer straight out of college with a 50k development project.  You also cant guarantee a 45 year old developer is up-to-date with the latest web development tech, since it changes every other day.  A good age range for a well rounded web developer is 25-35 years old.


Start them out on a small task first

Never hire a new developer for a huge project right off the bat.  First, make up some small job that has to do with your real project you have in mind and have them do that first. See how fast they work, how they communicate and how the finished product is.  Are there any bugs?  Did they follow instructions? Were they a complete pain in the butt?  Did they try to sneak in additional costs that weren’t discussed upfront?

All-in-all this guide is simply that.  A guide.  When it comes down to it, hire someone you like and does good work.  Finding a solid web developer you like and is dependable is hard, but once you do, they will be a great asset to you and your company!

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