Case Study


Making New York a more energy efficient city is no easy task. We have worked with NYCEEC on numerous projects for the past 3 years. Building and managing their current WordPress Theme has been a great process but creating a custom algorithm to determine the energy efficiency of any building in NYC has been even better. We have built NYCEEC a custom WordPress Plugin that helps New Yorkers analyze the efficiency of buildings based on proprietary data.

NY Digital Agency - Web Development & Digital Marketing

NYCEEC offers direct loans to building owners and their representatives for both construction and permanent financing of clean energy projects.

We were tasked on building a WordPress Theme for NYCEEC, post-build webmaster services and an amazing web app that calculates energy efficiency for buildings in New York.

  • Front-End Development
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Dynamic PDF Generator
  • Custom WordPress Plugin
  • Gitlab CI
NY Digital Agency - Web Development & Digital Marketing


This client needed a way to advertise their amazing loan solutions and products for improving NYC.  They also needed a way to show property owners ways to improve the way their current building operates.


Our team created a Custom WordPress Theme that would allow NYCEEC to demonstrate their capabilities while also showing off some of their style.  We also created an an online tool, Efficiensee, that would give numbers, projections and also allow you to compare your buildings energy usage to others in NYC.

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