Going forward, companies are shifting from standard website to actual native applications.  Everyone prefers using an iOS App or an android app over a browser.  In the past 10 years, the app store has increased from 5000 to over 2.8 millions apps in its store.  Additionally, users are downloading over 500,000,000 apps every day.  That should speak volumes to business owners and companies alike.

One of the main issues companies and start-ups are facing is cost.  Application development is much more expensive than traditional web development. Companies are leaning towards outsourcing to help alleviate the massive overhead needed for build high quality mobile applications.


The age old saying is true when it comes to software.  Yes, you can hire a company in India for 1/10 of the cost of an agency in NYC, but what are you really getting?  Will the software scale with your business?  Will it be loaded with bugs? Both of those issues will set you back weeks or even months and cost you countless dollars in re-work.

Outsourcing companies typically use templates for many of their projects and modify it to suit your needs.  This leads to code that isn’t custom for your project and can lead to issues in the future, deprecated code if the template was built long ago and may have countless other issues.


It’s a well known fact that your typical freelancer/outsourced worker doesn’t truly “care” about the code being written because after the product launches, they don’t have to maintain it!  They don’t care if in a year it breaks, or if you need to update it in a few months!

Always hire someone who will stick with you for the long haul on large projects.  They will write code that they themselves would want to work on in the future, guaranteeing you a stronger product.



Another issue to consider is if this outsourced company will even be around a few years from now!  What if the team that build your product got let go and now you need updates.  They will have to bring in a new team to work on the software and it WILL turn into a mess.  These companies charge a low rate for a reason.


In conclusion always hire someone that cares about you and your product.  From project kickoff to post launch updates.  Software is expensive and you want someone who will treat it like their baby.  Outsourcing may be a cheap alternative to hiring a professional, but only use them if it’s a small project that has no real risk if it goes south.

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